Turnaround Towns for Real Estate!

Interestingly enough I just watched an Independent Lens documentary on Detroit last night. It was chilling to watch a City that large fall into such despair, and to watch the perspective of City officials trying anything that came to save it was also interesting.

Then this morning I came across this article put out by Realtor.com on the towns that are turning around and at the top of the list was Detroit~There some more surprises on this list so take a look….you never know what investment opportunities are out there!


Market Stats for July 2013

Days on Market is beginning to trend upward again, that can be explained by the time of year and the puff in Interest rates. The market has seen a little slow down thus far in August, but as of this past week we are seeing more showings on all of our listings. 

Below are the stats for July 2013 we are looking forward to seeing August! If we can be of help to you with your Real Estate needs please don’t hesitate to call/text/email!