Moving is made Easy with these Quick Tips

Willie and I have moved 2 times in the past year with 20 plus years of stuff including grown kid stuff too! So when I came across this article last week… I thought this is a subject that overwhelms us all, whether you move frequently or if you are moving for the first time in 20 years! They really do help to keep the inevitable “moving fatigue” at bay longer. Hope these help and if you have any of your own please comment!

1. Start Early
No matter how good you are, packing always takes longer than you think. Start 2 -3 weeks ahead of moving day and pack what you use least, first.
2. Pack Strategically
Mark the boxes you will need first with a star or a specific number. Pack some change of clothes, sheets and towels in an extra suit cases for easy access on your first day.
3. Have a Packing Room/Area
Pick the space used the least in your home or by a door and use this as your packing station. Keep all of your packing supplies and sealed boxes in this area to help keep your space feeling organized.
4. Be as Green as Kermit the Frog- Used Boxes are the Trick
Uhaul has started “Take a Box, Leave a Box” you can use the boxes for free and return the gently used ones for someone else. Make sure to ask your Realtor to see if they know folks with used boxes.
5. Don’t make your boxes Heavy
People always think using big boxes and filling them so that they are so heavy that they break or are unmovable is the way to go. Use the big boxes for lighter items and the smaller boxes for heavy items.
6. Don’t Pack and Move Air
Many folks empty dressers, chests and suitcases out before moving, don’t. Use those spaces for your stuff. When a dresser or chest is full you get less load shift during your move. Use every space you can.
7. Trashbags are a moving Treasure
People think boxes are great because they stack, but bags are great because they squish into places boxes won’t fit! Pillows, sheets, towels some get the idea.
8. Keep Hanging Items Hanging
You can lay these flat in your car and hang them in the new space easily. No need for a moving truck for your hanging stuff.
9. Use your blankets for Wrapping
Wrap your artwork, furniture, mirrors etc.. with blankets. They are washable on the other side.
10. Label on Two Sides
Label your boxes on two sides and mark them with specific rooms too. This helps with the unloading process like you would not believe.
11. Be Ready
Have everything packed, furniture taken apart and rugs rolled up and taped. This will cut down on your moving bill and helps the movers stay on track too.
If you are doing this yourself, load the heaviest items in the front of the truck on the floor and then load to the top of the truck. Start another section the same way and so on.

We hope these tips are helpful…please don’t hesitate to call if we can help!

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