The Denver Rental market is hot…..and getting hotter!

The market for rental property is hot and getting hotter here in Denver. Check out this article today in the Denver Post. We have one of the hottest zip codes in the country for returns on rental property. Give us a call today at 303-908-2330 or 303-907-1984  and we can show you how you can capitalize on this trend.

Hottest Real Estate Investment ZipCode in the Country
Hottest Real Estate Investment ZipCode in the Country

Denver Real Estate Stats for October 2013

Look likes the inventory decline continues for October Y/Y we are down 5-6%. Our Sold Market is up 13% from last year this month and the average sold price is up 9% too! Our Days on Market, however are way down in the 30% range. So the Market in comparison to recent years past is just a great place to be.

Kirby Slunaker, CEO and president of Metrolist, said that although the market has slowed somewhat, sales, inventory level and average home prices have changed “very little from prior months, keeping the market nearly as competitive as the hot summer months.

“While the market has slowed down slightly as one would expect, the numbers are incredible,” said Slunaker in a statement. “Increasing inventory spurred on by hot early season buying will continue to provide buyers with more and varied opportunities.”

The slight changes indicate that home prices and strong sales will occur throughout the fall and winter months, said Metrolist.

Metrolist added that average mortgage rates continue to remain low and steady, which will result in a “busy local real estate market well into 2014.”

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October Snapshot