A Few Reasons To Love Bailey, CO

Listing of the Month: 391 N Hill Bailey Drive


You will fall in love with August’s Listing of the Month, located in a small mountain town 30 minutes outside of Denver and just over an hour from Breckenridge. After closing on a local listing recently, we became a total advocate for residency in Bailey, Colorado. Whether raising a family or planning for retirement, this quaint mountain town has a lot to offer.


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A Taste for The Wildlife

And of course, we mean “wildlife” not “wild life.”

This laid-back mountain town is the ideal dwelling for all wildlife lovers. If you are looking for that great outdoors feel without feeling completely exiled from civilization, this is the town for you. Bailey is abundant with wildlife; a great spot for fishing, hunting, and viewing. Looking out the window of your Bailey Mountain Dream Home, you might just lock eyes with an elk, a mountain goat, a black bear or if you’re lucky, a mountain lion.





Calling All Outdoor/Adventure Enthusiasts

Get Adventurous in the Bailey Pines

Cannot imagine a more perfect place to be active and  get outdoors than amongst the ponderosa pines at the Treehouse Adventure Park. Without a doubt, this has to be one of the main attractions in Bailey, CO. Open seven days per week, this Adventure Park is a self-guided experience home to eight different courses with four different difficulty levels. Test your strength in balancing, climbing, swinging and crawling from tree to tree! If that’s just too much, then challenge your fear of heights by embracing the views in one of the treehouses.


Stepping on Sasquatch Territory

Are you a believer or a nonbeliever?

A MUST SEE, one of the most unique specialty shops in Central Colorado is The Sasquatch Outpost. This is Bailey’s very own one stop shop for everything Sasquatch (or Big Foot), the local legend. Pick up a souvenir or gift from their selection of Squatch-related merchandise. Indulge in some research at the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum. Also, be sure and stop by to fulfill all your hunting, fishing and camping needs. This point of interest is worth the trip alone to this little mountain town.


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