Denver Neighborhood Diary: Entry Three

September 15th, 2018

Dear Denver Diary,

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to this luxurious neighborhood! Welcome to Hilltop, one of Denver’s wealthiest communities developed back in the 1940s and 1950s. located just east of Cherry Creek and Colorado boulevard and north of Alameda  Avenue. Higher in elevation compared to the surrounding areas of the city with gorgeous views of the front range, this neighborhood was dubbed Hilltop by locals. According to the Denver Police Department, Hilltop is home to some of the safest streets in Denver.

Home buyers seeking real estate in Hilltop get to choose from a combination of both modern and traditional properties. With higher price tags, this neighborhood caters to the higher society. Hilltop is a one square-mile neighborhood filled with many multi-million dollar homes. We found some incredible contemporary, architectural works of art along with some traditional, Tuscan-Style estates and a variety of appealing, suburban ranch-style homes. Everyday, more and more new builds are replacing many of the original homes in this urban suburbia jungle.

As far as attractions, Hilltop never ceases to disappoint. Cranmer Park, in the heart of Hilltop, a notorious destination to check out the large sundial and mountain views. In a blink of an eye, residents can find themselves at the Cherry Creek Mall for some of the best shopping in the city! It’s Locanda Del Borgo when locals are craving Italian and Hillstone for a modern, American cuisine fix.

If you’re living in Hilltop, you’re living the dream.

Until next time,

Walters and Company

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