Denver Neighborhood Diary: Entry Six

Dear Denver Diary,

We are thrilled to take you on a journey to Sloan Lake. Sloan Lake has even been referred to as the “gem of northwest Denver.” The origins of Sloan Lake date all the way back to 1861. Offering both exceptional city and mountain views, Sloan Lake is an attractive area for buying and selling real estate now and into the future. You can find this neighborhood located between 17th Avenue, 29th Avenue, Sheridan Boulevard and Federal Boulevard. Sloan Lake is home to Denver’s largest body of water and second largest park!


With efforts to irrigate his farm, Thomas M. Sloan unleashed a water aquifer while attempting to dig a well that ended up spreading over a daunting 200 acres. This simple farming incident gave birth to the miraculous gift, what we now know as Sloan Lake. Over time, this lake became home to many attractions and famous landmarks such as Manhattan Beach Amusement Park, Grand View Hotel, and Lakeshore Drive-in. Whether or not Sloan Lake came about purposefully, Denverites are still reaping the benefits of its beauty to this day.

Real Estate

When it comes to the real estate, Sloan lake is the ultimate melting pot. Today homebuyers have the pleasure of choosing from a diverse selection of styles including:  classic, vintage, mid century modern, luxury, contemporary, ranch style, and bungalow. With the breathtaking views from Sloan Lake it was only a matter of time for new development to sweep through. Recently, a lot of the new development seems to be a plethora of luxury condos that popping up left and right in neighborhood.

Food, Beverage, Entertainment

This neighborhood is perfect for families that are looking for a community that caters to an active lifestyle. Sloan Lake offers an abundance of things to do and places to be. During summer, this body of water becomes boater friendly allowing for water sports. Aside from that, residents can enjoy fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, picnics, or a nice stroll around the three mile path surrounding the lake. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from along the water’s border such as:  Rupert’s at the Edge (American classics & cocktails for breakfast and lunch), Tap & Burger Sloan’s Lake (local beer, gourmet burgers & modern bar food), GB Fish and Chips (old pub feel featuring British grub), and Shisho Sushi & Oyster Bar (relaxing space serving oysters and both classic & specialty sushi rolls).


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