Denver Neighborhood Diary: Entry Seven

Dear Denver Diary,

Treat yourself in this month’s luxurious Denver neighborhood, none other than the infamous Cherry Creek. This district is a major hub along the 40 mile Cherry Creek Trail. You can find this affluent neighborhood surrounded by Colorado Boulevard, University, 6th Avenue and Cherry Creek Drive. Self care can be taken to a whole new level when you choose to spend some time in this area. From retail therapy to fine dining, Cherry Creek is the neighborhood that keeps on giving until your pocketbook simply no longer allows.

Whoever would’ve thought Cherry Creek was a true rags to riches story? Choke cherries by the creek inspired the origins of the name “Cherry Creek” after discovered by the Arapaho Indians. From trash to treasure, in 1949 Denver architect and developer, Temple Hoyne Buell, built the original Cherry Creek Shopping Center on a former dump. Hard to believe the lavish Cherry Creek Mall, redeveloped and completed in 1990, that we both know and see today was nothing more than a wasteland back in the past.  

Residentially speaking, Cherry Creek is home to anyone from young professionals to retirees. With a laid back, yet entertaining vibe this neighborhood attracts a very diverse demographic of homebuyers. Right in the midst of the Cherry Creek hustle and bustle, house hunters can find a supply of luxurious attached dwellings whether it be townhomes, condominiums, or a high-rise residential tower. Aside from that, there is a lower supply and higher demand of substantial, single-family homes located amongst some elegant subdivisions within the area.

Does 16 blocks of shopping appeal to your lifestyle? If the answer is yes, then you may want to reside within walking distance of the 16-block Cherry Creek North shopping district. The Cherry Creek Mall is the mecca of this neighborhood. Get ready to splurge, because Cherry Creek offers some of the finest, high-end, international fashion stops in Colorado. When you’re finally ready to take a break from all that shopping, enjoy some gourmet bites at an elegant eatery or have a drink at one of the fancy cocktail lounges. Among other activities, residents can enjoy some quaint, coffee cafes and small, contemporary art galleries. Keep it healthy by attending weekends at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market or an exploration of the cherry creek trail via bike, scooter, or foot!

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