Denver Neighborhood Diary: LoHi

Dear Denver Diary,

We are heading north this month for some epic Denver Skyline views! Welcome to the Denver Highlands. With an abundance of entertainment and a very hip vibe, this is the perfect neighborhood to take your visitors, clients, family and friends.. The Highlands is notorious for rooftop hangouts, local shops, art galleries, and some contemporary bar & restaurant options. This vast, urban area is divided into three major districts for exploring:  LoHi (Lower Highlands), Tennyson Street, Highlands Square.

The Lower Highlands, known as LoHi, was originally its own town called Highland. Highland was one of the earliest towns in Denver. It historically has been a diverse neighborhood, welcoming everyone regardless of ethnic background. The cultural diversity in LoHi is alive and well even today, some of the cities finest and foreign inspired restaurants in this area. Particularly, Linger, one of Denver’s finest eateries samples mixes of street food from everywhere around the globe. This site used to be the O’Linger mortuary, which later moved to Hampden Blvd, however, the top quality design and attention to detail entertain what remains of the mortuaries history. Truly a must for fine dining in Denver. 

Residential speaking, most of the residents in this neighborhood of Denver are about 20 to 35 years of age. If you’re looking to live in a neighborhood with a lot of nightlife, some incredible bars and some of the city’s best fine dining… look no further. Forest Room 5 is one of the best bars in Denver. It has tepees, fire pits outdoors and the whole vibe of being in a cabin in the woods right in the heart of the city. If you want something more exclusive, check out one of the nation’s best speakeasies, Williams & Graham, it’s hidden behind a bookshelf and highlights the roaring 20’s and the prohibition era. 

This truly is one of Denver’s finest areas to live in for a well-to-do bachelor, bachelorette, or families alike. Keep an eye out for recently built single family homes as some of the best new modern architecture tends to appear in this neighborhood time and time again. If you’re looking to buy, as of this February, 2019, each of the properties shown on this article are available. If you’re interested in a tour or would like to know more, please contact us. 

Until Next Time,

Words From The Walters

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