Agent Spotlight: Jodi Hullinger

Jodi Hullinger brings a breadth of unique professional experiences to her career in real estate. After graduating from college with a degree in English and History, and a love of Eastern Europe, Jodi lived in Poland for 2 1/2 years where she taught English and held other positions. She loves to travel and experience other cultures (especially grocery stores).

Jodi has also worked in marketing and public relations for a social enterprise company and a national education non-profit where she worked with celebrities and major media outlets to promote it’s early education mission! This variety of experience really comes in handy interacting with all the different personalities Jodi encounters working in the real estate industry.

In her early twenties, Jodi first got the idea to invest in real estate, but was not quite sure how. Combined with a major renovation she and her husband did and a missed opportunity haunting her, Jodi felt propelled to take the leap into the real estate industry. Of all brokerages, Jodi exclaimed, “I’m so happy that I landed at Walters and Company.” She loves combining her social skills, analytical abilities and communications experience to serve clients. Jodi lives for the opportunity to help people buy or sell homes and has a special, soft spot for first-time buyers and discovering homes that are diamonds in the rough.

Jodi’s future goal in the field of real estate is to be THE go-to person for her current/former clients’ friends when it comes absolutely anything real estate. Whether that be buying/selling a home or just needing the number of a good plumber on the fly!

13902 E Stanford Circle
“Loved working with this client. She was willing to do whatever it took to get her home into showing shape, and always communicated with such positivity and gratitude that it was just a joy to work with her. “
2439 S Dahlia St
“This family had such vision for their home and put in some major sweat equity after purchase. They gutted their kitchen, put in all new flooring and built a gigantic deck out the back to enjoy their large, private yard. And, I love hearing stories about their life in their new neighborhood and enjoy getting invites to the many community celebrations.”

Click here for Jodi Hullinger’s contact info & media links

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