Top Ten List for Selling in the Winter Months….

When considering the “Right” time to sell your home please take a moment to consider the Winter Months…..the advantages are real and often overlooked. Take a look at our list and let us know what you think!

Top 10 Reasons to sell your Property Now!
Top 10 Reasons to sell your Property Now!
  1. Your Realtor usually has less clients to work for, therefore he/she can deliver a more specialized service to you.
  2. January is traditionally one of the biggest moving months of the year.
  3. Corporations like to move their employees during the first months of the year.
  4. Interest Rates are still low..we are still looking at 40 year lows but, they are on the rise.
  5. Buyers looking now are very serious
  6. By selling your home during the winter you may have the opportunity of being the “first dibs” house of the Spring market.
  7. Less Selling Competition- Enough Said.
  8. Selling now could set you up to be a non-contingent buyer in the spring. This makes your offers very attractive; you will be ready to Pounce on your Dream Home.
  9. With the new normal of house buying starting with an Internet Search, your property looks just as good now as it will in the spring or fall.
  10. About 20% of all home sales take place between November-February. Sellers and Buyers are motivated to get the deal done during these months.

We hope you find this helpful~ if we can help you or anyone else with any Real Estate questions please email/text/call us anytime!

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America is getting back to work………

The jobs report this morning was good. The unemployment rate continues to drop. Today’s report put the current rate at 7%, much less than the 7.2% forecasted. What does this mean for your real estate investments? It means interest rates are very likely to continue to inch higher. In early trading, we are already seeing the yield on the 10-year Treasury testing the September highs near 3%. While we don’t expect mortgage rates to go straight up, they are less and less likely to return to the historic lows that we saw earlier this year. The signs of economic improvement are indisputable. We have already seen signs that the real estate market has stabilized and is improving in communities all over the country. While interest rates are rising, they are still at historic lows.  If you have been thinking about buying a home or investing in real estate, give us a call today and let us help you capitalize on the changing economic environment.

To Buy or Not to Buy in the last Quarter of 2013

Have you been pondering the purchase of a new home? We are thinking that the positives for buying now are stacking up…Rates on fixed rate loans are still cheaper and on a downward trend again and folks in the know are saying it is still cheaper to Buy then Rent. The requirement for a down payment on a loan are lower than you might think and the qualifications requirements seem to be easing from the peeps that loan the moo-lah!


  1.    Rents are only going up from here. There are many pundits spouting about a 4% increase in rentals in 2014. Trulia Trends did a study in 2012 that said is it is 44% more expensive to rent in 100 major metropolitan areas so you do the math….
  2. Home Flippers have come to a halt. With our group of investors we have found that the flippers have flipped and want to hold on to their properties and use them as Rentals. Which makes sense since Rents are clearly on the rise.
  3. Loan Restrictions have eased.  Less stringent rules and qualifying criteria may help some people finally get that home Loan they have been waiting for. If you have good credit and some savings available for a down payment, you might just be able to get a loan for your dream home this year.
  4. Home Prices and Rates still at all time lows. Folks let’s just say while home prices are indeed rising they are still historically low in comparison to the highs in the early part of this century in most cities. Over the Summer interest rates did indeed rise, but they have been trending downward and relative to what interest rates could look like, we are still very low.

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Absorption Rates continue to Drop in Denver

Denver Metro is still in need of your homes! We as Realtors are struggling to find homes for our Buyers as the inventory stays steady even through the traditional “Selling Season”. I saw an article the other day saying our inventory was up 18% over last month but the Absorption Rate stays low at just about 6.3 weeks of inventory in all of Denver Metro! A Balanced market would have 5-7 months of inventory available for sale!

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Sales Statistics for the month of May for Denver Metro Single Family and Condo
Sales Statistics for the month of May for Denver Metro Single Family and Condo