America is getting back to work………

The jobs report this morning was good. The unemployment rate continues to drop. Today’s report put the current rate at 7%, much less than the 7.2% forecasted. What does this mean for your real estate investments? It means interest rates are very likely to continue to inch higher. In early trading, we are already seeing the yield on the 10-year Treasury testing the September highs near 3%. While we don’t expect mortgage rates to go straight up, they are less and less likely to return to the historic lows that we saw earlier this year. The signs of economic improvement are indisputable. We have already seen signs that the real estate market has stabilized and is improving in communities all over the country. While interest rates are rising, they are still at historic lows. ┬áIf you have been thinking about buying a home or investing in real estate, give us a call today and let us help you capitalize on the changing economic environment.

Former Marathon Oil sold for Mixed Use Community

Former Marathon Oil sold for Mixed Use Community

This is great news for the Littleton community! Read Away~